What is YTSA?

Youth Tourism South Africa is a Round Table NPO with the primary focus on educating youth in tourism, entrepreneurs and SMME business structures in digital media, marketing and best practice for participating in the Youth Tourism sector in South Africa.

The education process is conducted through regular national meetings and gatherings of all relevant stakeholders in South Africa. Conferences and summits are conducted by various partners, sponsors and businesses able to facilitate further education within tourism.

The secondary focus is to give a voice to the broadest cross section of South Africans that are involved in tourism. YTSA removes the barriers to entry traditionally associated with tourism bodies and organisations by having no membership fee and offering the minimum support structures free of charge while assisting with the legal requirements for entering and participating in tourism structures and initiatives. We assist with the legal requirements set out by the South African Government for businesses to participate in tourism and with insurance guidelines most accepted in the industry.


How to be part of the South African tourism Economy

The first step in entering tourism in any capacity is education and guidance on how to effectively be part of the South African tourism economy. Our primary aim is to assist all persons entering tourism and the Youth Tourism sector in understanding the processes needed to legally comply with the rules and regulations as set out by the South African Government, the Department of Tourism and Government departments regulating certain aspects of compliance.
The use of digital structures has allowed for businesses and individual guides to be compliant in a matter of weeks with online registration through CIPC, online banking structures, SARS compliance and insurers all available online.

YTSA assists South Africans on a peer to peer basis free of charge with all the above processes. This Round Table support structure is the first of its kind in tourism and aims at creating a far more inclusive and representative structure of a cross section of South Africans.

Social Media Education – For South Africa to be truly represented internationally we need the country to be visible to all international markets and potential travellers in a real and authentic way. YTSA has developed a broad base social media structures to handle the collection and sharing of digital content with the world. Our aim is to develop the spread of this content through our membership by educating businesses on how to best use social media. This is done through meetings, summits and conferences throughout South Africa with various partner organisations and Government initiates.

Digital Structures – We use many digital platforms to promote South Africa. From hosting and building a simple website to using online booking platforms more effectively - YTSA aims at increasing the performance and speed that companies engage and make use of these powerful tools.

Membership Guidelines

and Compliance

Youth Tourism South Africa is an all inclusive organization with a structure that makes it easy for anyone interested to join.

No Barrier To Entry

Youth Tourism South Africa has removed the barrier to entry for the organisation by:

• Having no membership fee structure and therefore no need to monitor and admin the membership.

• Having a lifetime membership to Youth Tourism South Africa as long as compliance guidelines of South Africa are met.

• Having mentors, people and businesses, who volunteer time to assist new members on compliance and insurance guidelines within a set maximum timeframe.

• Partnering with existing government and private programs that offer education and guidance for young people, entrepreneurs and SMME entering the tourism sector.


All members joining Youth Tourism South Africa are required to comply with any existing law of the South African Government and expected to remain legal for duration of membership. In the case where a member is not compliant for any reason including no knowledge of an existing law – Youth Tourism South Africa and its existing membership will assist the member in becoming compliant and informed in this regard within a maximum period of 1 year and that during this period the member will cease with the non-compliant activity. In the event that the member refuses compliance, they will lose their membership status with YTSA.

A member shall only be removed once all measures of remediation have been explored and only in the case where they are not compliant with the laws and regulations of South Africa and requirements of international insurance requirements and tourism standards that may impact the reputation of South Africa.

Members shall not be removed for voicing their opinion as long as it complies with the constitution and laws governing freedom of speech.

Insurance and Cover

Members of Youth Tourism South Africa are required when joining the organisation to indicate their insurance level, insurer, cover plan or that they do not currently have insurance.

Members will not be denied membership due insufficient insurance but will be asked to cease activities until the time that they comply with the industries minim tourism requirements.

Members, at any point, can approach YTSA for assistance and guidance with becoming insured and either a mentor can be appointed from the existing membership or an insurance practitioner can be suggested depending on the type of insurance or cover needed.

All members are required to become compliant with insurance needs within 1 year of acknowledging the lack of insurance or cover. If the members choose to not comply then membership will be terminated until the issue is resolved.

Youth in Tourism

the Key to the future of Tourism in South Africa

The employment and sustainable support for youth in tourism is the key to the future of tourism in South Africa. From years of experience we realised the potential of many entrepreneurs entering the tourism sector and how to support them in creating a sustainable tourism sector. This same strategy needs to be employed on a far larger scale to youth who are entering various programs backed by NDT and other bodies through the Extended Public Works programs.

Secondary support and mentorship as these programs end are vital in keeping these participants interested and motivated in growing the tourism sector.

These very same students, interns and stewards have the potential to grow the employee base in the country and inspire the next generation in participating in tourism. Youth Tourism South Africa forms the tourism base for these young people to be part of a larger voice within the sector but without the burden of cost as they exit their stipend period. With proper guidance we believe we can increase the success rate and adoption of best practice in tourism by these youth. Education provided through regular meetings, summits and conferences is key to growing the support base and mentorship possibility, by connecting people and growing our tourism sector we build a more robust and strong tourism network.

South Africa struggles with inclusion and the limitations of previously privileged tourism structures. We aim to bring about a change in these structures and have an inclusive and diverse pool of tourism participants throughout South Africa.

Best Practice in Tourism

in relation to the national South Africa Brand

The history of South Africa and the best practices in tourism have changed dramatically over the years and what was considered acceptable 30 years ago might no longer be so.


Sensitivity to culture, poverty, voluntourism and the constitutional rights of South Africans is a major, if not a primary, consideration in South Africa. Citizens have a right to dignity and to be treated in the most respectful way possible in any tourism condition. Cultural tourism is acceptable where the guide, tour operator or business understands the sensitivities of the culture and what is allowed or not.

Poverty tourism is not acceptable in South Africa and all sensitive should be considered when dealing with tourists who want to experience anything related to disadvantaged people in SA. Voluntourism has gone through many changes due to legal compliance and the seemingly voyeur nature of the industry as well as unqualified tourists participating in roles that required qualified personnel. Identifying responsible programs is difficult at best and we are constantly updating this category.

The constitution of South Africa offers a clear insight into the rights of South Africans and we expect all tourism personnel to respect these rights when introducing tourists to an area. This includes being respectful in terms of photography; illegally taking footage of children even if verbal consent is granted. This can include issues around going into peoples’ homes or crossing their property without consent, as often happens in rural areas.

As an organisation we expect all tourism related personnel to inform themselves of the tourism best practices nationally and internationally and we aim as an organisation to update you as issues arise.


LGBTQX, Race Relations, Sexism and Persons living with Disabilities

Every South African is equal, has equal rights as stipulated in the constitution. Every person actively participating in tourism is expected to inform themselves and understand the issues we face as South Africa in terms of previous prejudices. Where a tourist is involved in any activity or commentary that does not follow our constitutional guidelines, we expect the member dealing with the tourist to offer insight and, where necessary, correct information on the subject.

YTSA will consider the immediate termination of membership of any member who does not uphold the constitution and the highest standard of respect relating to the dignity of fellow South Africans.

Prejudice, Xenophobia, Sexism and Racism amongst other issues will not be tolerated in the organisation.

Animal Rights

Various organisation and environmental bodies constantly update the national and international best practice in terms of animal rights, animal interactions and legal limits to distances etc in South Africa. Many of these bodies enforce compliance on their membership. As Youth Tourism South Africa, we ask our members to comply with these guidelines, standards and the laws relating to this by the South African Government.


Representation of South Africa and Youth Travel

• Youth Tourism South Africa aims to collectively advertise South Africa to international travellers and tourists. The organisation does this through streamlining existing budgets within each business by educating the marketing teams or people involved in representing the business or sector.

• Education in Digital Marketing and Social Media strategies saves the stakeholders in tourism a large percentage of their current budget. We continually evaluate the most effective marketing and advertising trends and adjust the industry accordingly.

• We aim to create a large pool of digital media creators, vloggers, bloggers, copy writers, travel journalists and photographers for the tourism sector by empowering Youth in Tourism. The future of tourism is in understanding the traveller and their constantly changing needs, aspirations and desires for travel. Youth Travel forms a large part of our industry and this could dramatically increase as the spending capital worldwide moves to a younger group of people.

South African Tourism – We aim to provide support and comment on National and International advertising campaigns and have members participate in campaigns and drives in growing tourism.

International Shows and Expos – We will support our membership in providing information on funding possibilities in joining shows and expos worldwide. We believe that the most effective way to have representation is to have the product owners and tour operators engaging and meeting international organisations, businesses and people. YTSA will never send an employee to represent the industry as a collective as we believe this would duplicate the role of SAT.

National Department of Tourism – We aim to support NDT in its role in growing tourism in South Africa and spending the TAX budget allocated to tourism is the best possible way. We offer our support to projects, entrepreneurs, interns and students in a secondary capacity to facilitate a sustainable and progressive tourism industry.

Partners – Youth Tourism South Africa will partner with relevant organisations, sponsors and education facilities to further the needs of tourism and the growth that partnerships can bring to an area or sector. We will endeavour to keep this process transparent and open with no preference for any party over another.

Youth Tourism South Africa will prioritize Youth in Tourism in forming the future of Youth Tourism and many of the formal sectors of tourism.


Youth Tourism South Africa is a registered NPO representing Youth Tourism and Youth in Tourism in South Africa.

• The organisation will keep records of all transactions in the NPO and have an open book policy whenever requested.

• Auditing of the organisation will take place where necessary and be publicly available.

• The seven (7) Executive Directors of Youth Tourism South Africa will direct the organisation to the best of their ability – however the responsibility for the organisation’s success and direction will fall on the collective Round Table of members in the organisation at any given time.

• Non-Executive Directors will be appointed to represent provinces and sectors not covered by the Executive Directors and will guide the Round Table of members in that area or sector.

• The Accountability, Sustainability and Viability of Youth Tourism South Africa falls to every member as the organisation is a Round Table, where no member is above another and no form of EXCO or leadership is recognised, other than the Directors, who have agreed to represent a sector or area, but are equal to every other member.

• No member shall be excluded from the organisation other than legal compliance with the laws of South Africa or blatant disregard for the best practice guidelines set out by NDT and SAT.

Youth Tourism South Africa is an inclusive body that aims at growing South African Tourism for the benefit of all South Africans. Your voice for the future of tourism Youth Tourism South Africa will always remain independent in voicing the concerns of members when relating to any issue, government body or private body. Every member has the right to freedom of speech as per the constitution of South Africa. You as a member will never be limited, intimidated or silenced by the YTSA in voicing concerns and we will strive to work with our members in overcoming issues and obstacles that face all of us in tourism no matter the scale of the issue. Your voice is our voice in tourism.

Why is Youth in Tourism so important?

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