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to the world of Youth tourism in South africa

We are a very passionate and diverse group of people who have come together in creating a platform for sharing every part of tourism that you can imagine.

Our organisation is inclusive, dynamic and we continually develop ways in which we can assist with educating our community.
Through years of involvement in various organisations, attendance at trade shows, conferences and meetings we have developed a Round Table NPO that enhances your voice in tourism. Through the commitment of many people in our industry we have an organisation with no barrier to entry. There is no membership fee and there never will be one. When joining you have a lifetime membership to this organisation and through mentorship and partnerships we assist in creating a space where our members are compliant with the laws of the Republic of South Africa, have the required insurance cover and understand the best practice models in our industry nationally and internationally.

We all have an equal voice in tourism, and we must use this voice to challenge our governing bodies, organisations and businesses to do better. There is no person senior to any other, a guide working long hours in the bush is just as valuable to our industry and brand South Africa as a CEO addressing a minister. We are one in tourism, every person is a business and we all have the capacity to develop ourselves into what we see the future of tourism to be.


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How does the World find you Online?

Our Youth in Tourism work 16 hours a day sharing the world of Youth Travel and Backpacking

We constantly monitor the digital media and social media space for everything new in the creation and sharing of captivating content from around South Africa. We have dedicated photographers and videographers that travel the country keeping us updated with what is fresh and happening!
Our feeds, pages and groups reflect who we are as Backpacking and Adventure South Africa. We create spaces for you to interact with travellers and share your stories about our amazing country as well as a space for travellers to do the same and review the wonderful people who host them.



The commitment behind Youth in Tourism for the future of Youth Tourism

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